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A Gut Feeling and a Little Bit of Light

Photography doesn't always have to be a large production.

It can be in your favorite place, in your most comfy clothes, with your favorite people at 10am on a Sunday morning with the smell of breakfast bacon still looming near and the sound of fresh coffee dripping in the background.

It can be in your backyard with your life-long neighbors at 10pm after Friday night lights, sitting around a small fire, having drinks, telling stories of when you were young, or listening to your children tell stories of when you were old.

It can be in your car on a Saturday morning, in the rain, with the windows down (you read that right), a cold coffee in the cupholder, with your favorite guy, a sexy song on repeat, with absolutely nowhere in the world to be.

Forget the notion that you have to have the perfect everything to capture a memory.

All you need is a feeling and a little bit of light.

I promise.


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