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CURRENT RESPONSE TIME:  2-4 business days


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I want your day to be perfect.

Every session is unique and will require different levels of imagination. If you're seeking inspiration for your session, such as outfits or location, please view my galleries below and don't hesitate to reach out with your questions.

  • How many photos will we receive?
    The amount of photos you receive depends solely on the package you choose! Please visit my "Book Online" page for package-specific info. Additional images can be purchased outside of any package, but packages offer the best per image rate! I always say, 'when in doubt, package up!'
  • How long will it take to receive our photos?
    The turnaround time varies based on the package you choose, number of edits you'll receive, and the time of year your session takes place. For example, busier seasons like Fall & Winter will have a longer turnaround time due to sheer volume. Typically, all lifestyle sessions will be delivered within 2 - 4 weeks during the non-peak season (4 - 8 weeks during peak season). Weddings, differing by package, will generally be delivered within 8-12 weeks. Your contract will specify the delivery time according to the package preference, add-ons, and season. *If for some reason you need your images sooner, please let me know. I do have a rush delivery add-on option available for all packages.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    My pricing is set based on the cost of running my business (equipment, education, travel, etc.) so I do not advertise discounts. I do, however, offer exclusive information and occasional booking discounts to my email subscribers so make sure you're signed up!
  • Do you Photoshop images?
    I use Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom for photo editing, alongside some softening and sharpening software where needed! All sessions include basic color, exposure, and white balance correction, as well as basic skin retouching. Intense editing, removal of objects, face swapping, etc., will be an extra charge! * Note: I am a body-positive photographer. I do use software to soften the skin, but I will not edit your body to resemble something that is unnatural to you! It is important that we agree on this. You are beautiful the way you are! My job is to enhance the things you love about yourself, not change them.
  • What kind of photography do you offer?
    I am a lifestyle & wedding + elopement photographer. This means I shoot individuals, couples, families, boudoir, weddings & elopements! * I do offer in-home lifestyle newborn sessions (typically referred to as a fresh 48) as well as senior/graduate sessions, but I offer them on a client-by-client basis! If this is something you're interested in, just fill out the contact form and note that you are looking for a service outside of my typical offerings.
  • Do I get print rights to my images?
    Yes! All of my services and packages include print rights. This is a very important consideration of modern photography, so it is something I have always vowed to offer my clients. Print quality is also a very careful consideration of mine, so I have created the option to order from Ellario Photography - just look for the 'PRINT SHOP' button in your final gallery. From there you will be able to preview your print products with your session images, select sizes and styles, and I have already done the formatting for you! I have chosen a service that can only be utilized by professional photographers, so expect premium quality and lightning-fast shipping. You are welcome to print your images wherever you’d like; however, I highly recommend using a professional lab. The formatting tools required to make sure those come out just right and retain their digital integrity are not available through bargain printers' websites. The high-quality pieces that come from a professional lab will last a lifetime. All wall art, canvas, prints, and albums will be hand-designed and formatted by me for optimal resolution, printed, and shipped directly to your home. *I will include a discount code for prints in your final gallery email, so watch for that!
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THE DAVIS' -  home in Des Moines, IA

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